Australia - the wholesome study experience!

Australia is one of the best immigration success stories in the world. It offers plenty of opportunities to lead a well-balanced, active and fulfilling life. As enticing it may sound but the process of migrating to Australia is very complex and can be very expensive if you don’t get it right in the first go, in some cases the only go. It is highly recommended that qualified advice is sought, to get it right the first time. We are here to assist you with your migration enquiry should you wish to come to Australia to study, work, travel, business or live or as we call it, to ‘make Australia your Home’. The enquire will be referred to a competent and qualified Registered Migration Agent under the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) (‘the Act” ) who will provide you with the required Immigration Assistance in compliance with their Code of Conduct under the Act.

Australian Visa Options

Study in Australia

Do you want to study in Australia? To study in Australia you are required to obtain a student visa. This will allow you to study here for more than 3 months or 4 months if you are on a working holiday visa. Your genuine reason for coming to the country must be to study.

Australian Graduate Visa

The Graduate Visa allows recent university or certain vocational graduates to remain in Australia and work after their studies have finished.

Australian Dependent Student Visa

We are often asked by students if it is possible to add their boyfriend or girlfriend as a secondary applicant to their student visa. The short answer is yes, it MAY be eligible depending on your circumstances.

Other visa options to consider!

Australian General Skilled Migration Visa

The General Skilled Migration Visa is to attract highly employable people for migration to Australia. It is the most common form of migration to Australia, and it allows foreigners who are qualified or experienced in a required profession to migrate to Australia.

Australian Partner Visa

The Australian Partner Visa allows partners or spouses of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to live, work or study in Australia. There are numerous benefits that the visa holder is eligible to receive. Such as access to Medicare Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses.

Australian Investment Visa

Australia has a thriving economy and strong growth prospects for the future. Foreign nationals maybe able to apply for a business visa to invest in, set up, or buy an existing business within Australia.


English Courses

By studying English in Australia, you will gain a huge range of life skills you cannot get at home. Invaluable skills like problem-solving, leading diverse teams of people, and applying your English to real-world situations.

Vocational Courses

Vocational courses provide job-focused training for specific roles or careers. In many cases,vocational courses have the potential to lead to skills certificates or associate degrees.

University Courses

Australian Universities are recognised as world-class institutions providing an outstanding high level of quality education set in popular tourist destinations.