Australian Partner Visa

Australian Partner Visa

Partner Visa

Partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents may be eligible to apply for a partner visa. This partner visa is usually issued as a temporary visa that after 2 years lead to permanent residency in Australia. There are certain circumstances in which the visa holder may be eligible to apply directly for a permanent visa.

The partner visa can be granted for:

  • Married Partners
    Engaged Partners
    De facto Partners

Engaged Partners

If a couple is engaged to be married, then a sincere commitment to get married and to live in Australia must be proved. Considerable documentation is required with the application, and often couples are asked to attend an interview with DIBP.

De facto Partners

De Facto visas often require the most documentation for approval. Couples may have to prove that they have been in a relationship and living together for at least 1 year prior to the application. However under certain circumstances, couples can prove that there are compelling circumstances to grant the visa, Evidence of your joint living arrangements, such as a joint lease, or joint utility/bank documents being sent to the same address, must be submitted with your application. If you have not been able to live with your partner for 1 year due to certain circumstances, you may be able to apply for a waiver.

What is required?

The following requirements are compulsory to commence your application for a Partner Visa.

  • The applicant must be in a married or defacto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • Be of good health and character

  • The couple must have a genuine relationship and a commitment to a shared life together.

  • The couple must live together, or only be separated temporarily

  • Must have no outstanding debts the Australian Government

If in a married relationship the couple must have a valid marriage under Australian law. If in a De facto relationship the couple is usually required to have lived together to be in a relationship for 12 months. However there is circumstances in which the couple is not required to be in a relationship for 12 months.


Evidence proving that both parties live or have lived together:

  • This often comes in the form of letters and documents addressed to both parties and sent to the same address such as joint utility accounts or joint rental agreements.

Documents showing that both parties share financial dependence:

  • This can come in the form of joint bank accounts, joint mortgages or other joint financial documents.

Documents showing that both parties spend time together outside of living arrangements:

  • This can come in the form of joint travel itineraries, photographs, joint participation in activities

Certified reference from friends confirming the relationship.

Partner Visa Fees

The Australian partner visas fees cost $7170 AUD (Australian Dollars) if applied from inside Australia. This fee excludes your medical exams, police clearance and postage.

* The price is correct as of Dec 13th 2018 but please note this is subject to change.

* If paying by credit card there will be additionally charges also.


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What makes Australia a great place to spend time with your partner?

The Australian lifestyle favours the enjoyment of free time with family, friends, sports and contact with nature. Work is a fundamental value of society, but must be accompanied by the necessary time for rest and recreational activities.

Australia is considered one of the safest countries on the planet. It has low levels of crime and efficient police forces. In general, Australian citizens feel proud of the peaceful society in which they live.